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1872 Colorado Board of Immigration Brochure

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bulletA copy of the booklet prepared by the Colorado Board of Immigration in 1872.  This was downloaded from the Library of Congress Internet site in their collections of The Nineteenth Century in Print: Books.


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Colorado_03.gif (52004 bytes) 1872:  Territorial Board of Immigration created with the objective to “present facts concerning Colorado as an attractive and desirable locality for those seeking homes in the Great West; to supply immigrants with full and authoritative information, as well as to aid and facilitate their journey hither”.
Colorado_05.gif (24538 bytes) Colorado, Its geographical location and limits
Colorado_06.gif (33310 bytes) Topography
Colorado_07.gif (34458 bytes)  
Colorado_08.gif (34136 bytes)  
Colorado_09.gif (34363 bytes)  
Colorado_10.gif (32981 bytes) The Parks
Colorado_11.gif (33487 bytes) The Climate
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Colorado_15.gif (33644 bytes)  
Colorado_16.gif (34167 bytes) Mines and Mining
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Colorado_18.gif (33024 bytes)  
Colorado_19.gif (33445 bytes)  
Colorado_20.gif (32780 bytes) Agricultural Resources
Colorado_21.gif (33075 bytes)  
Colorado_22.gif (32601 bytes) Pastoral Advantages
Colorado_23.gif (32006 bytes) Timber, Manufacturing

Education in Colorado

Colorado_24.gif (31622 bytes) Society in Colorado

Colorado as a Summer Resort

Colorado_25.gif (78840 bytes) Public and Railway Lands
Colorado_26.gif (38185 bytes) The Homestead Law
Colorado_27.gif (36914 bytes)  
Colorado_28.gif (67718 bytes) Homestead and Pre-emption acts
Colorado_29.gif (69345 bytes) Colonization
Colorado_30.gif (33303 bytes)  
Colorado_31.gif (70394 bytes) The railway system
Colorado_32.gif (69882 bytes) Labor, wages and expense of living in Colorado
Colorado_33.gif (58327 bytes) Climatic
Colorado_34.gif (16245 bytes) Altitudes above sea level, Postal facilities
Colorado_35.gif (16582 bytes) Table of Distances
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